Specially designed Teaching Pedagogy: KOPAL PATTERN

KOPAL Pattern designed to channelize energy and time of students for preparation of competitive exams through complete coverage of board syllabus. Competition oriented concept building comprises each lecture of 90 minutes, designed in 15+60+15 manner.

Highly Educated, Experienced, & Dedicated Team of Subject Experts  

KOPAL mentors Team includes alumni of reputed institutions with ample experience in national brands, and is capable to even transform coal into diamond.

Highly Educated, Experienced & Visionary Leadership

KOPAL Management Committee and Advisory board include very experienced personals from different fields. And their decisions are solely intended for all-round development of students.

Learning Friendly Environment

KOPAL’s Clean, peaceful and positive environment supports effective learning of students.

Competition Oriented Study Modules 

KOPAL’s study modules contain Topic-wise precise study material with all the key concepts, self-tests, important questions from NCERT, NCERT Exemplar, problems for practice and important questions.

Daily Practice Problems (DPP) Sheets 

KOPAL DPPs are designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs help the students for daily practice of concepts after every session.

Online Lectures & Supervised Self-Study Sessions

KOPAL provides offline as well as online lectures and supervised self-study sessions.

Doubt Clearing Sessions 

KOPAL faculty team is always available on all working days during given time schedule to clear student’s academic doubts one on one basis.

Common Practice (Periodic) Test  

Periodic Tests are conducted regularly, allowing students to solve all kinds of questions asked in the competitive exams.

Student Assessment/Performance Tracker 

Every student’s progress is tracked by giving a constant feedback on their performance in weekly tests followed by unit tests, monthly minor tests, tri-monthly semi-major tests, and then full length (major) tests based on actual competitive exam papers, and individual student assessment takes place.

Unique Course Completion & Revision Strategy

Semester based course completion & revision schedule for long-term courses students.

Remedial Lectures for Slow-Learners & Late-Joining Students 

Especially organized for students who have missed the classes or have doubt in particular topic or chapter, in order to make them competent.

Computer Based Test (CBT) 

Online tests will be conducted as per the new change in the pattern, for better practice of students. It helps students to get rid of exam phobia.

KOPAL Test Series Based on Latest Competitive Exam Pattern

KOPAL Test series courses are conducted to provide similar exam environment before actual examination to make students familiar about exam pattern and time management.

Guest Lectures & Toppers Tutorials

KOPAL invites guest subject experts & Toppers of Competitive Exams (NEET / IIT-JEE) for developing winning attitude and strategy in students.

Experiments, Practical Demonstrations, Animation and Video Tutorials

Latest Technology association is essential for visualizing complex concepts, and for developing subject interest and innovative thinking.

Computer Lab of Recorded Video Lecture

Students who have missed classes can watch recorded video lectures in computer lab to cover up the topics.

Routine Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) / Webinar

KOPAL organizes regular PTM for taking feedback about improvement in learning habit of individual student, and views of parents.

KOPAL Admission-cum-Scholarships, i.e., Concession in Tuition Fee for Intelligent students of Economically Weaker Background

KOPAL provides upto 100% concession in tuition fee for brilliant students of economically weaker section.

Competition Oriented Batch System

KOPAL Batch system is scientifically designed to nurture the potential of every individual student.

Mental Ability & Reasoning Classes

It improves mental ability and logical reasoning of students that helps in various competitive exams.

Well Furnished Classroom with Projector, Biometric Attendance System (BAS) & CCTV Surveillance, Computer Lab, and Proper Drinking Water & Sanitation Facilities

KOPAL possess well-furnished classrooms with Projector, Biometric Attendance System (BAS), CCTV, Computer Lab for online test preparation, and all essential facilities for interactive learning of students.

KOPAL Student Feedback System 

Regular feedbacks are taken from the students in order to improve the learning process qualitatively and to listen student’s queries.

Career Guidance, Motivational, and Soft-skills Development seminars / webinar 

KOPAL invites eminent personalities / speakers of respective fields for students to motivate them, and for making students aware about future opportunities.

Self-Fitness, Yoga, Meditation and Public Awareness (traffic rules, water conservation & waste management etc.) seminars / webinars/ workshops

KOPAL organizes fitness, yoga, & meditation seminar for keeping students healthy and for making students aware about society & environment. ​​​​​

​​Affordable & Reasonable Fee Structure

KOPAL provides equivalent competitive facilities in very reasonable fee in comparison of national brands.